"FACE IT - Volume II"


A unique look behind the scenes of contemporary artist Sarah Stieber's process as she creates art inspired by women making change in the world. Featuring Mona Tavakoli (drummer and musician) and Rachel Cargle (author, lecturer), both women lead their own non-profit organizations empowering children and adults and share their stories in this short documentary film.

"Alessandra Moctezuma"

Artist and Professor discusses career, part of Creative Innerview Series

"Conscious Conversations of Consequence"

Conversations of Consequence with artist, philanthropist, and activist Ruth Westreich of the Westreich Foundation.

"The Geo Series"

Lines and color dominate the work of Monty Montgomery, artist and muralist discusses his unique and modern style.

"Of All Things"

Artist Melissa Walter

"Curator - Brunno Silva"

"FACE IT - Volume I"

An activist art series by Sarah Stieber showcasing two female changemakers, intimate interviews, and behind the scenes look of the artistic process.